The story of office name Co-en


My office name “Co-en” is originally come from my “Kai-myo” (Buddhist name) which was given by Kenninji, the oldest Zen temple in Kyoto where I practice Zen meditation.

Originally, it spells “Kouen”. The name is consist of 2 Kanji, “幸” (Happiness) and “圓” (Circle). So the name means “the circle of happiness”.

When I was given such a beautiful name, I felt very grateful and responsible to this name. So, I could not think of any other names than my Kai-myo when I named my office. Also, I spelled “Co-en” because “Co” has the meaning “together” in English.

Co-en office promises,

  1. To offer “Happy, Peaceful, Smooth” solution for troubled people and the society
  2. To make the Circle of Happiness around clients

This is the story of my office name, and office policy.

Regardless of your national and religious background, I hope to have a chance to make a circle of happiness with you here in Japan.


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