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As your Neighbor Lawyer, and as an Legal Procedure Professional…

行政書士 太田幸暢/Yukinobu Ota, Gyoseishoshi Lawyer



その後、カナダにスポーツトレーナー留学。ヨガ/ピラティスのインストラクター資格を取得し、帰国後の2011年、ヨガ・ピラティススタジオSeed Trainingを設立(現在も運営)。

2014年行政書士試験合格。2016年、行政書士 幸圓事務所を開業。

特技は居合道(無外流五段)、ヨガ(全米ヨガアライアンス認定インストラクター資格保有)、ピラティス(STOTT PILATES上級インストラクター資格保有)、



Yukinobu Ota graduated from Ritsumeikan University Faculty of Law in 2005. Soon after the graduation, Yukinobu worked at the legal department of a Japanese bearing manufacturer. While working, Yukinobu learned drawing up various kinds of contract (both in Japanese & English), establishing companies, and support holding the stockholders meeting.

After leaving the company, Yukinobu moved Whistler, Canada to study sports training theory. Until coming back in Japan in 2011, Yukinobu gained personal trainer, yoga teacher, and pilates instructor license. Since 2011, Yukinobu has been running yoga & pilates studio “Seed Training” in Amagasaki.

Yukinobu passed Gyoseishoshi lawyer’s exam in 2014, and established “Co-en Office” in 2016.

In private, Yukinobu has the 5th grade Dan Mugai-ryu school Iaido (One of classic style Japanese martial arts using the Japanese sword), and enjoys practicing Zen meditation (received Zen name “Kouen” from Kenninji temple, the oldest Zen temple in Kyoto).

Yukinobu is also a certified yoga teacher and STOTT PILATES instructor, running his own studio Seed Training in Amagasaki.



皆様、はじめまして。行政書士 幸圓事務所の太田幸暢(ゆきのぶ)と申します。







Thank you very much for visiting Co-en Office website.

Co-en Office is aiming at helping the foreigners (so-called “Gaijin”) in Japan.

 My experience as the self-employed and an employee at the legal department maybe the help of understanding the business law, and compliance in your business in Japan.

When I was in Canada, I was “Gaijin”, too. So, I think I can understand your feeling, and suggest the best solution to solve your civil, business, and administrative problems.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Please feel free to ask.


Yukinobu Ota