What is Gyoseishoshi Lawyer? As the administrative procedure pro

In addition to the role as your neighbor lawyer, Gyoseishoshi has another important role as the administrative procedure professional.

Gyoseishoshi’s practice covers wide range of administrative procedure, such as applying for licenseKyoka), permissionNinka), and registration(Todokede, but excluding so called “Touki” in Japanese, such as real property / commercial registration).

Especially, Kyoka and Ninka are very important if you are running (or going to establish),

  • Restaurants, bars and cafe (Food & beverage industry)
  • Transportation company
  • Construction company
  • Antique shops
  • Pharmacy
  • Care house (Social welfare services)

Again, these are only some examples, there’re actually much more detailed Kyoka and Ninka.

So, if you are going to establish your business in Japan, you need not only establishing the company, but also need to get necessary Kyoka or Ninka if your business is required to do so by the law.

In such case, Gyoseishoshi maybe more helpful than other lawyers, because Gyoseishoshi has deeper understanding on getting Kyoka and Ninka, and also knows how to proceed establishing the company.

So, if you consult to Gyoseishoshi, they will prepare all the necessary documents and submit them to the responsible office.