What is Gyoseishoshi Lawyer? As the administrative procedure pro


In addition to the role as your neighbor lawyer, Gyoseishoshi has another important role as the administrative procedure professional.

Gyoseishoshi’s practice covers wide range of administrative procedure, such as applying for licenseKyoka), permissionNinka), and registration(Todokede, but excluding so called “Touki” in Japanese, such as real property / commercial registration).

Especially, Kyoka and Ninka are very important if you are running (or going to establish),

  • Restaurants, bars and cafe (Food & beverage industry)
  • Transportation company
  • Construction company
  • Antique shops
  • Pharmacy
  • Care house (Social welfare services)

Again, these are only some examples, there’re actually much more detailed Kyoka and Ninka.

So, if you are going to establish your business in Japan, you need not only establishing the company, but also need to get necessary Kyoka or Ninka if your business is required to do so by the law.

In such case, Gyoseishoshi maybe more helpful than other lawyers, because Gyoseishoshi has deeper understanding on getting Kyoka and Ninka, and also knows how to proceed establishing the company.

So, if you consult to Gyoseishoshi, they will prepare all the necessary documents and submit them to the responsible office.

What is Gyoseishoshi lawyer? ~ As your neighbor lawyer


Do you really know what Gyoseishoshi lawyer is?

In Japan, Gyoseishoshi is generally recognized as,

  1. Reliable neighbor lawyer
  2. Administrative procedure professional

In this article, I would like to explain about Gyoseishoshi as your neighbor lawyer.

Just like general practitioners, Gyoseishoshi is the most accessible lawyers in Japan (In 2015, there’re almost 45,000 Gyoseishoshi in Japan).

Gyoseishoshi can help you, for example,

  • Applying for permanent residence / naturalization,
  • Applying and notifying on your status of residence
  • Drawing up / examining various kinds of contracts
  • Drawing up a will and executing an inheritance
  • Registrations on your car (such as ownership, Shako-Shomei : certificate of garage)

These are only a few examples, and there’re much more that Gyoseishoshi can be your help. Each Gyoseishoshi’s strengths and prices are different (For example, this Co-en office welcomes contact from foreigners in Japan, both in Japanese and English), so please ask your friends if they know, or check by yourself on the internet to find out your best Gyoseishoshi.

What Gyoseishoshi cannot do

However, Gyoseishoshi is not Almighty lawyer. There’re something they cannot handle.

  • A lawsuit
  • Commercial / Real property registration

In Japan, they are Bengoshi and Shihoshoshi‘s businesses.

So, when you look for a lawyer in Japan, you need to know which lawyer (Bengoshi, Shihoshoshi, or Gyoseishoshi) to ask in advance.

The story of office name Co-en


My office name “Co-en” is originally come from my “Kai-myo” (Buddhist name) which was given by Kenninji, the oldest Zen temple in Kyoto where I practice Zen meditation.

Originally, it spells “Kouen”. The name is consist of 2 Kanji, “幸” (Happiness) and “圓” (Circle). So the name means “the circle of happiness”.

When I was given such a beautiful name, I felt very grateful and responsible to this name. So, I could not think of any other names than my Kai-myo when I named my office. Also, I spelled “Co-en” because “Co” has the meaning “together” in English.

Co-en office promises,

  1. To offer “Happy, Peaceful, Smooth” solution for troubled people and the society
  2. To make the Circle of Happiness around clients

This is the story of my office name, and office policy.

Regardless of your national and religious background, I hope to have a chance to make a circle of happiness with you here in Japan.


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