Certificate of Eligibility vol.1 [Skilled Worker]

Professionals such as cook, architects, pilots, and sports trainers are categorized as Skilled Worker in Certificate of Eligibility application procedure.

Examples of Skilled Workers

  • Cook
  • Architects of foreign architecture
  • Pilot
  • Sports trainer and instructor
  • Sommelier or Sommelière
  • Animal trainer
  • Craftsman of foreign products
  • Fabricators of jewels, precious metals and furs

If you are an employee…

You should prepare,

  1. Certificate of employment from your previous work place
  2. Related certificate of qualification, diploma

before applying for the procedure.

Certificate of employment from your previous work place is especially important!

Certificate of employment should contain,

  • Name
  • Address
  • Contact (telephone) of previous work place
  • Term of your employment (especially the term you were engaged in the skilled work)

If you are an employer…

You should prepare,

  1. Contract of Employment
  2. Documents to reveal your business
  3. The latest Financial Statements

before applying for the procedure.

The required content of above mentioned documents depend on your current business status.

Co-en office welcomes your questions for applying skilled workers’ certificate of eligibility. Please feel free to ask (No charge for the initial consultation).