Light Motor Vehicle Registration (Initial / Alternation / Deletion)

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(If your car is not Kei car, please check here)

In case you,

  • Purchased a new / used Kei car (Initial)
  • Sold, transfered, or scrapped your Kei car (Transfer / Deletion)
  • changed your address or surname (Alternation)

you need Light motor vehicle registration procedure.

The light motor vehicle registration consists of the following processes.

  1. Gathering necessary documents and forms.
  2. Fill out all the necessary forms.
  3. Submit all the documents and forms to Light Motor Vehicle Inspection Organization.

The light motor vehicle registration is not too hard, but it still takes a certain amount of time and effort.

However, you can save your time and effort to the minimal amount by hiring Gyoseishoshi Lawyer.

If you are a Kei car owner living in Kansai area (Amagasaki, Ashiya, Itami, Nishinomiya, Kawanishi, Takarazuka and Osaka-city), please feel free to ask Co-en Office (No charge for the initial consultation).

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Fee (to the Gyoseishoshi Lawyer):¥6,480

In addition to the fee, you need the following cost on the light motor vehicle registration procedure.

  1. Application fee:¥1,100~(Initial)
  2. Number Plate fee:¥1,480(Requested number plate : ¥4,200
  3. Automobile tax and Automobile aquisition tax:Actual Expense
  4. Vehicle weight tax (Initial):Actual expense